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calling proofreaders for real

so i finished the story and i don't know what to do with it. i'm pretty happy with it. i might revise it a little bit when i type it up (yeah i wrote it on paper!), so if anyone's interested in proofreading, let me know?

this is a description of it that i wrote to myself weeks and weeks ago:

"a woman hiking goes off the trail and finds a cabin, up in the mountains. the alps. a violent thunderstorm blows through. she's probably safe but she knows she'll get lost unless she waits for the sun to come back. so she sits in the cabin with her flashlight and finds a journal.

the journal belongs to another woman, victoria karlsteen, and that's what the real story is about. the last days of her life, or so they might be. weeks worth of scrawling her past while waiting for something to happen that terrifies her with the very prospect— the return of the creature she grew here in this cabin that used to be her laboratory."

see, it's totally ready to get published, i've got a back-cover synopsis all set.