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did i mention *how much i hate finals*? 'cause any time i've ever mentioned how much i hate finals is a *lie* compared to how much i hate them this term. joseph bell you beautiful jackass....

we do have a place picked out now. right in the middle of town, close to rosalita's, pretty close to jb's work too. i'll have to hike a little for the clinic— i'm so excited to start there again that i don't care. anyway the place isn't fancy, it's just your usual kitchen/bath/single-br, but the main room is pretty big and the windows face the west. i can't wait to watch the sunset. once we've moved in and unpacked i'll take pictures. jb will probably make ridiculous poses in all of them. housewarming party too, maybe? or we might push it to the fall.

this summer's really going to happen. we'll be alive. i'm so alive.