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dr. godwin & the creature

beware; for i am fearless, and therefore powerful.

Mary W. Godwin
30 August 1990
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hi. i'm mary and this is my journal. that pretty much says it all. one day i'm gonna be a doctor. but right now i'm not.

This is the fictitious journal of a character in the literepetition RPG. I am not Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, née Godwin. Detailed character information can be found here.

Curious about Mary Shelley, the original? I haven't got anything up yet, but eventually will have a prolific array of trivia about her and her writing here.

Understand: While I retain absolutely zero rights to the person of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (or Jennifer Connelly for that matter), I do hereby claim the rights to the character of Mary Wallstone Godwin, and am not at all unfamiliar with incidents of roleplaying character theft. If you think you are "borrowing," "adapting," "paying homage to," or "imitating" at least 50% of this character, then the word you are looking for is "stealing."