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Just a shirt

head trips and stuff

my story's like... probably got only a couple chapters left in it, guys. i'm really excited! and.... kinda relieved. now i just have to figure out if i should bother sharing it.

also yeah, like jb said, he's got two lil half-siblings now. catherine and martin. twins. tiny tiny babies. that's a head trip and a half... maybe even more than the fact that i'm now totally dating the son of a *teabagger* politician. wtf.

on that note, i finally have the time to get back a small bit with the msc, and it's sounding like there's going to be some kind of event to discuss what socialism means— you know, all the different forms out there, and the history of the movement, and blah blah. 'cause everyone freaking out about it in the mainstream media doesn't seem to know a fucking thing. about anything, but about socialism especially. god fucking dammit. ok i have to not rant about this *again*.