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Altered state

somehow i'm an adult

as much as i seriously love getty, it looks like with room draw coming up and stuff, i won't be participating this time. jb wants to get an apartment together for this next year, and i'm very on board with that. it seems obvious now. i'm sure some of you are rolling your eyes....

of course, if we want to move in at the start of summer, i better really crank up the job/internship hunt and narrow it to local options. i know at least one good possibility in the area, but still.

god, though, having a place of my own. well, a place for just me and one other person. no r.a. people, no parents.

i feel old.


You don't feel old to me.
that came out a lot creepier than it should have, i think.
Knew you had it bad for him. Congrats!
thanks! :)